A Quiet Dream
Sunday July 16 | Doors open 7:15PM | Screening starts 7:30PM

101 min

Director: ZHANG LU

Genre: Drama

Production Year: Korea 2016

Awards and Festivals:
- Sydney Film Festival (2017) - Features
- International Film Festival Rotterdam (2017) - VOICES
- Munich International Film Festival (2017) - International Independents
- Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (2016) - Main Competition
- Busan International Film Festival (2016) - Opening Film
- International Film Festival of India (2016) - Festival Kaleidoscope



Three men around a woman, and their unusual way of expressing their emotion.

In center of Seoul, contrary to the fancy buildings, still there’s a poor town called, Su-saek. And there are three special losers; Ik-june, a gang expelled by laughing at leader’s funeral, Jung-bum, a North Korean defector with depression, Jong-bin, an epileptic who only drinks milk. They call each other patient. Three of them frequent a small bar in the town to win the heart of a charming bar lady, Ye-ri. They have their own issues to suffer but never blame anyone. They know how to forget things and laugh. One day, Ye-ri asks what they dreamed last night. While each of them tells their nightmares, Ye-ri tells them she had a firth dream; she made love to each of them...

Director's Bio

ZAHNG Lu was born in China in 1962. He began his film career, starting with his short film titled 'Eleven, 2000' invited to Venice International Film Festival. Starting with his first debut feature film titled 'Tang Poetry, 2003', 'Grain In Ear, 2005' directed by ZHANG Lu received the grand prize in the section of New Currents from Busan International Film Festival, ACID Award during the Critics Week from Cannes International Film Festival, and the grand prize in the section of New Cinema from Pesaro International Film Festival. In addition, 'Desert Dream, 2007', nominated in the section of Competition from Berlin International Film Festival, as well as the film series 'Chongqing, 2007' and 'Iri, 2008' were all showed at major international film festivals. 'Dooman River, 2009'' was invited to the section of Generation from Berlin International Film Festival, won the Jury Award, the first prize from Paris International Film Festival, and received the NETPAC Award from Busan International Film Festival. His latest films include his first documentary film titled 'Scenery, 2013', 'Gyeongju, 2014' starring PARK Hae-il and SHIN Mina, and 'Love and…, 2015' released last year. He is currently serving as a professor of film studies at Graduate School of Communication and Arts, Yonsei University.

Programmer’s Note

This film is started as joke between filmmakers. The director Zhang Lu cast three filmmakers as actors for this film, and had them play characters similar to those that appear in their own films. Ik Joon Yang (Breathless) appears as a gangster who grew up in an orphanage. Jong Bum Park (The Journals of Musan) is an exploited North Korean defector. And Jong Bin Yoon, (The Unforgiven) plays an epileptic patient. These three all revolve around Ye-ri Han, the lady from Yanji, China. Ye-ri takes care of her father who is in a vegetative state. The relationships between the characters lie on the boundary of family, friendship, and romance. Marginal people meet in the boundary; the boundary between factory complex and old village through dark tunnel.
- Sook Jung

This presentation will be preceded by the TKFF 2017 Awards Ceremony, where the winners of the TKFF 2017 Korean Shorts Competition will be announced.