Claire's Camera 클레어의 카메라

Claire's Camera
Sunday July 15 | Doors open 7:15PM | Screening starts 7:30PM

69 min

Director: HONG Sang-soo

Genre: Drama

Production Year: Korea 2016

Awards and Festivals:
- Cannes Film Festival, 2017 - Special Screenings


This presentation will be preceded by the TKFF 2018 Awards Ceremony, where the winners of the TKFF 2018 Korean Shorts Competition will be announced.


On a business trip to the Cannes Film Festival, Manhee is accused of being dishonest, and is abruptly fired. Music teacher Claire possesses the ability to transform objects with her camera and comes to sympathize with Manhee. Claire goes with Manhee to the cafe where she was fired.

Director's Bio

HONG has established himself as one of the most successful and award-winning art-house directors on the international film festival circuit. He is known for his unique approach to storytelling and cinematic language - characterized by spontaneous conversations and every-day human encounters. He is also a tireless filmmaker, often completing several feature films per year.

Programmer’s Note

Claire’s camera is a transcendent gaze - like seeing in the eyes of a dog which was sitting in the corner of an alley as a matter of chance. Through the lens of Claire’s camera, actors are being strangers that she happens to encounter in a foreign city. The scandalous drama in which these actors are cast is innocent, but maybe not honest.