DAY 1: Wed, July 11 | 7:00PM

Opening Night Presentation | Korean Diaspora

Yakiniku Dragon 야키니쿠 드래곤

128 min

Directed by CHONG Wishing

Drama, Family | Japan 2018

Yakiniku Dragon is the story of a Korean family bbq restaurant in 1970s Japan. It conveys the vigorous life of Zainichi villagers sharing common trauma as they love, argue, and reconcile. The charming ensemble cast, including Korean actors Kim Sang-Ho and Lee Jeong-Un and Japanese actors Maki Yoko and Inoue Mao, delivers delightful performances.

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DAY 2: Thur, July 12 | 7:00PM

Korean-Canadian Showcase

My Enemy, My Brother

85 min

Directed by Ann SHIN

Documentary | Canada 2017

Over 30 years ago, Zahed and Najah met on the battlefield as enemies. Though Najah was gravely wounded, Zahed did not kill him, but saved his life. Decades later and half a world away, their paths crossed again. This film chronicles their unlikely story of brotherhood, and their emotional journey back to Iran and Iraq.

Preceded by Korean-Canadian Showcase :
Don’t Cry 울지마
Elizabeth 엘리자베스

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DAY 3: Fri July 13 | 7:00PM

Feature Presentation


100 min

Directed by KIM Dae-hwan

Drama | Korea 2017 | CANADIAN PREMIERE

Su-hyeon, a private art institute teacher and Ji-young, a contract worker at a small network enterprise have been living together for six years. To his surprise, Su-hyeon finds out that Ji-young is late for her period and, in anticipation of a possible child, the couple visit each other’s parents.

Preceded by Korean-Canadian Showcase :
The Time Agent 시간 에이전트

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DAY 4: Sat July 14 | 2:30PM

Korean Shorts Competition Showcase

Mad Rush 병훈의 하루
Juliana 율리안나
Long-Running 오래달리기
Potato 감자
I Only Had To Say 뱃속이 무거워서 꺼내야 했어
May 14th 5월 14일
Thirsty 악당출현

Total running time: 129 min

This annual competition and showcase makes up one of TKFF’s key initiatives in nurturing Korean cinema by featuring emerging filmmakers from Korea, or filmmakers of Korean-inspired works. Out of over 400 submissions from Korea and around the world, the festival’s largest amount of entries to date, seven films were selected by TKFF 2018 to present this year.

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DAY 4: Sat July 14 | 5:00PM

Feature Presentation


86 min

Directed by IM Heung-soon

Documentary | Korea 2017 | NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE

‘Ryeohaeng’ means 'journey' in North Korean dialect. A group of women climbs a summer mountain situated in South Korea. They are refugees who have settled in the South Korean society after fleeing from North Korea. For them, climbing the mountains has been an unavoidable journey for survival.

Preceded by Korean-Canadian Showcase :
Architecture School Is My Ex-Boyfriend
Last Breaths

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DAY 4: Sat July 14 | 7:30PM

Feature Presentation


103 min

Directed by YIM Soon-rye


Young Hye-won’s life in a big city isn’t going as planned - no job, no romance, bad grades. Impulsively, she returns to her rural hometown. As seasons pass, Hye-won slowly finds pleasure in living a simple life. A new spring is approaching, and she puts the first step in her brand new life.

Preceded by Korean-Canadian Showcase :
Heroes of The Greatest Nation 초인전사 조선인민전대
Project Ash: Revelation 레버레이션

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DAY 5: Sun, July 15 | 5:00PM

Korean Classic


107 min

Directed by SHIN Sang-ok

Drama, Romance, Epic, Historical | Korea 1961 | INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

Chunhyang, the only daughter of an old gisaeng named Wolmae, falls in love with Lee Mong-Nyong and promises to marry him. But Lee leaves for Seoul with his father who's an aristocrat, and the new governor, Byeon Hakdo, covets Chun-hyang because she is the most beautiful girl in town...

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DAY 5: Sun, July 15 | 7:30PM

Closing Night Feature Presentation


69 min

Directed by HONG Sang-soo

Drama | Korea 2016

On a business trip to the Cannes Film Festival, Manhee is accused of being dishonest, and is abruptly fired. Music teacher Claire possesses the ability to transform objects with her camera and comes to sympathize with Manhee. Claire goes with Manhee to the cafe where she was fired.

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