Yakiniku Dragon 야키니쿠 드래곤

Yakiniku Dragon
Wednesday July 11 | Doors open 6:30PM | Screening starts 7:00PM

128 min

Director: CHONG Wishing

Genre: Drama, Family

Production Year: Japan 2018

Awards and Festivals:
- Jeonju International Film Festival 2018



Yakiniku Dragon is the story of a Korean family bbq restaurant in 1970s Japan. It conveys the vigorous life of Zainichi villagers sharing common trauma as they love, argue, and reconcile. The charming ensemble cast, including Korean actors Kim Sang-Ho and Lee Jeong-Un and Japanese actors Maki Yoko and Inoue Mao, delivers delightful performances.

Programmer’s Note

Based on Wishing Chong’s award-winning 2008 play, Yakiniku Dragon, this film realistically and compassionately captures the harsh life, family affection, and hope of Korean residents in Japan. It’s origins in live theatre and its depiction of a Korean family-run business is reminiscent of Korean-Canadian Ins Choi’s play and television series Kim’s Convenience.

Director's Bio

CHONG Wishing is an award winning Korean-Japanese playwright and filmmaker. His All Under the Moon (1993) won the prize for Best Screenplay in the Mainichi Film Competition and the Kinema Junpo Award for Best Screenplay. In 2008, his Japan-South Korea joint production of the play Yakiniku Dragon was staged in Tokyo and Seoul.